Thursday, June 14, 2012

Time is going fast.

Can hardly believe it is Thursday already.

Some from our group went to the Zoo on Tuesday morning but we decided to have a later breakfast and then skype Megan.   After lunch we took a cab over to Shamian Island, which is essentially a sandbar along the Pearl River.

Shamian Island once served as an important port. In 1859, the territory was divided and given to France and United Kingdom ( 4/5 went to the British and 1/5 to the French). It definitely has a British colonial feel to it and broad boulevards. Many Western families who have come to adopt can be seen strolling around the island. It is just 900m long from east to west and 300m from south to north. There are many souvenir shops and a welcoming Starbucks :-)

Shamian Island Park Sign

Shamian Island Map

Jack getting in line!

Enjoying the slide at the park on Shamian Island

Beautiful shrubs, palm trees and bushes at Shamian Island Park

Looking down the main boulevard on Shamian Island

One of many bronze statues on Shamian Island

Olympic influence is still in evidence all over China four years later

Some of the Consulates are still on the island.  The American one is there, although the Visa department has moved to Guangzhou.

We came back and had a meeting to process the visa paperwork in preparation for the Consulate appointment today.

Tuesday evening we went out with a couple of other families to the Macau Street restaurant and had another great dinner.  The treadmill will be dusted off when we get home.

Stephen took this picture on Shamian Island.

FEDEX - The World on Time

When it absolutely , positively must be there On Time

Note carefully ... driver or possibly his assistant (to be fair!)  is asleep. :-)

Jack and Joshua had to go back to the clinic to have their TB test read.  Everything was looking great so we headed back to the island again to shop for little gifts.  There were some cute shops, two of which were owned by Christian ladies.  It was very encouraging to hear how one of then had been witnessed to by an American family.  They gave her a Chinese/English Bible and it was well used.

Of course we had to cool down with a treat at Starbucks.

Wednesday evening we just relaxed in the hotel and made some Skype calls.  It always makes our day when we can chat with Megan.

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