Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Settling In

Saturday, June 16th

We had a good rest at the Sky Marriot in Hong Kong on Friday night and a quick shuttle ride to the airport at 7.40am.  Jack had some scrambled eggs after we checked in.  This kid loves eggs, boiled, srambled, fried!  We met the other 2 families who were traveling to Chicago with us.  The flight was delayed about 40 minutes in boarding but they did let our group of squirmy toddlers board first.
Jack did great on the long flight of just over 14 hours.  He slept for the first 2 1/2 hours, they played with stickers and ate, and ate, and ate.  He had a few walks around the plane and then slept the last 2 hours.
There was a relatively short line at Customs and some final paperwork at Immigaration and then we got to see Megan!  Security tape wasn't going to hold me back from hugging my girl!  Jack was still a little groggy but I think he recognized Megan from the pictures.  Granda and Granny Moffitt and a few friends were waiting to welcome Jack.  It was sweet of them to come and wait so long while we cleared Immigration.
We stopped to eat at Perkins on the way home and Megan and Jack really bonded, walking hand in hand round the restaurant.  Once home, Jack settled in to playing with Megan like he'd known her all his life.  Sleep adjustment was a little off on Saturday night but that was only to be expected.  The four of us were up playing after midnight.  I think Stephen and Jack got around 3 hours sleep.  We suggested Megan go back to bed, but she wanted to "tag along just in case Jack needs me".

Sunday, June 17th.  Father's Day

Happy Father's Day, Stephen.
We were all a little tired, but functioning :-)  Jack made it to Sunday School and seemed to enjoy being around the other kids.  It was amazing how quickly he sourced out the snack and the Nursery!  He enjoyed the singing and even got into putting his hand up to answer questions.  It's just amazing how much he mimics.

After lunch and opening of presents for Stephen and Granda, Stephen crashed for a couple of hours but Jack just kept going.  He is so like Megan - goes on full speed until the batteries run out!

Jack slept fairly well, Sunday night.  Mom, not so much as she was sure Jack would be up "any minute".

Monday, June 18th

A hot day in Wisconsin.  Megan had a paddling pool situated at the bottom of the slide and spent hours going up and down.  Jack LOVES the slide, he's just not so sure about water.  I think the orphanage report that he loves the bath was a mix up with another child's info :-)  Jack had a good nap and since it was Granda and Granny's last night in Wisconsin they wanted to take us out for dinner.  Jack loved Olive Garden and was extremely well behaved.

Hard to believe this little boy joined our family just 2 weeks ago.  He is such a wonderful addition.  We all love him to pieces.  He is goofy, sweet, loveable and a little bit stubborn :-)


  1. Great to log on today and get these latest updates. It is amazing how comfortable Jack seems to be and no doubt because of the love you are showing him. Really look forward to seeing some pictures of him and Megan together.Will speak soon.Love to all. (auntie)Pam xo

  2. Welcome home... :) Blessings, Dean&Monica Tainter