Monday, October 24, 2011

Maria's Big House of Hope

Jack, in Maria's Big House of Hope
Today we received an e-mail letting us know that Jack had spent some time recuperating after surgery in Maria's Big House of Hope which is located in his "hometown".  MBHOH was built to care for those orphans who require surgery and also those who are terminally ill and will never be adopted.  The work they do is awesome.  Check out their website by clicking on the "Show Hope" tab at the top of this blog.  The facility is named after Maria Chapman, the beautiful daughter of Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman, who died following a tragic accident. 
In MBHOH, he was called...Jack :-)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

First Care Package to Jack!

We had so much fun putting together a care package to mail to Jack's orphanage.  Mom was practical and packed some clothes.  Megan was caring and took her time picking out just the perfect stuffed animal - Tigger!  She had remembered seeing him wear a Tigger shirt in one on his referral pictures.  We tucked in a family photo album and 2 disposable cameras that we hope his caregivers will use to take some photos in the next few months.