Monday, June 4, 2012

Settling in.

We had a great evening in the hotel room.  It was interesting observing Jack play.  He will play with a toy, tuck it under his arm and move on to something else, each time tucking the previous thing under his arm.  At one point he had 4 toys tucked under his left arm as he played with another.  The Agency guide was visiting us in our room as he was doing this and she said it is quite common for children from large orphanages to be possessive of what little they have.

After a bath and a round of hugs and kisses he happily and quietly lay down in his crib.  It was so tempting to bring him into bed with us but the agency rep told us it was best if we had him sleep in the crib initially.  You feel he has missed out on so much but we will have a life-time to make it up to him (God willing).


  1. What a happy little man xx he is beautifulxx Barbara

  2. So adorable !!!