Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Adoption is official!

Jack slept well last night.  In fact we had to waken him this morning as we were leaving for our first appointment at 9am.  He enjoyed a fried egg, congee, watermelon, pineapple, a bread roll and apple juice for breakfast.  He likes to have all his food in a bowl and is quite proficient at using a fork and spoon.  He does not like any food to be wasted.

After breakfast I started to dress him and he took the clothes from me and proceeded to dress himself.  I was shocked.  He obviously had to be very self sufficient at the orphanage. 

We went back to the Registration Building where we received Jack yesterday to finalize the adoption.  From there we had a short bus ride to the Notary office to notarize the documents and pay some fees.  We were back to the hotel by noon.  Jack usually takes a nap early afternoon and appeared tired when we got to our room.  Stephen lay down beside him on the bed as he rubbed his eyes.  Then some quiet sobbing started.  Deep, sad sobs for about 10 minutes  He let Stephen hold him close but the sadness in his eyes was not fear, but almost grief.  It was hard to watch and a little unexpected as he has been so silly and sociable all morning.  In many ways it was good to see that he was processing the changes, but we so wanted to take the hurt away.  He feel asleep quickly and slept for almost 3 hours.  When he wakened he was back to being his goofy self.  We decided to stay in our room and not put any pressures on him.  Stephen went to the restaurant and brought noodles with beef and cilantro.  This kid can eat!  He also ate a bread roll that we had saved from breakfast, a kiwi and a banana.  In the evening we went up to the small playroom at the hotel thinking he would enjoy running around.  He did for a few minutes, but then decided he just wanted to sit by Stephen and watch the other kids play.

I Love my noodles!

After a bath, he went into his crib like last night and was asleep in about 10 minutes.

Tomorrow we leave early to drive to his orphanage city to apply for his Chinese passport.  It will be a long drive.  Another family is traveling with us.  We will also go visit Maria's Big House of Hope where Jack spent a few months after surgery.  We're not sure if we will go to his orphanage.  We will see how he is tomorrow.  We don't want to confuse him when he sees the familiar place and think we are taking him back there to stay.

Last night we skyped Megan and there was mutual love expressed by both kids.  We wish we could take him right home, but there is still the Consulate appointment next week.

We love this little boy so much.  He reminds us a lot of Megan.

Today Megan has a picnic at school and gets to have Granny and Granda Moffitt there for it.  I'm sure it will be fun.  Wish we could be there Megan, but we'll have plenty of picnics during the summer!

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  1. Poor little man, he's beginning to process things. I know how that feels, wanting to take the hurt away... it's so hard watching your child grieve.

    Gosh he can eat though!