Monday, June 4, 2012

And Jack makes four.

Getting ready to leave for Jack
Our wonderful travel group
Our party of 6 parents arrived at the Registration Building shortly after 10 am.  Everyone was excited, but calm.  The children arrived with their nannies/orphanage directors, or foster parents shortly after 10.30.  Jack arrived with his friend Joshua and we recognized him immediately (I was afraid we wouldn't, as we hadn't had an update since last November).  Jack was quiet, taking in the whole room full of people but happy to come to us when told to by his Nanny.  He even allowed us to kiss him and hold him.  Some of the other children had a hard time leaving their caregivers (which is a good sign as it shows they were well loved by them).  We kept pointing to each other and repeating Mama and Baba.  Stephen showed him a picture of Megan and he has not let go of it since.  He kept kissing it and holding it to his cheek.  He loves her already!

Completing paperwork

Jack arrives

Mama can't take her eyes off Jack
Back at the hotel
Jack loves the computer

We had some questions for the Orphanage Director, a few of which she could answer.  With over 600 children in the orphanage I'm sure she does not know each child personally.  We did find out he shared a crib, which most of the children do there as they are so overcrowded.  He likes milk, noodles, congee, fruit, vegetables and meat.  He still naps during the day.  When awake he is active and loves to be outside.  He also loves a bath.

After he sat on my lap a little while, I brought out the Cheerios.  Were they ever a hit!  He would occasionally put one to Megan's mouth in the picture.  So cute!  He just as happily went to Stephen who got him laughing.  He seems to have a sweet personality, with a hint of mischief in those eyes :-)

His nanny handed over his "possessions" in a black plastic sack full of holes.  We had sent him 2 care packages with clothes and toys and 2 disposable cameras.  We had asked that the gifts be returned with him so that he would have something familiar.  In the bag were 2 birthday cards, a picture from Megan, and the photo album.  Initially I was a little disappointed that they had not returned the cameras, but we have Jack and it doesn't really matter that life in the orphanage wasn't "recorded". 

One of the parents in the group is a surgeon and his brother in law who is also a Dr had flown in last night from Shanghai to be with them on "Gotcha Day".  He speaks Chinese so was able to help the families get info from the nannies.  He checked Jack over briefly and thought he looked great.  His wife, who is a Pediatrician will arrive tomorrow so it will be great to have her input as well.  God has put us with a wonderful group and we all rejoiced with each other at God's goodness to us.

Jack handled the bus ride back to the hotel great.  Once he hit the room, his real personality became evident :-)  He loves to figure things out.  He loves to investigate.  I have had to say "No, No" every time he goes to the phone and he laughs loudly.  He had a bath and he sure does love playing in the water, then he lay down beside me and had a nap for 1 1/2 hrs.  We were concerned that he would be unsettled when he wakened, but he got up with a smile, located his box of Cheerios (Granny Lee, he loves the Mickey Mouse box and has already figured out how to open and close it :-).  We did more paperwork this afternoon and Jack thought it was funny getting to stamp his hand print on the documents.  I had visions of multiple hand prints over the paper as he was enjoying it so much.

We traced his foot and Stephen has gone to Walmart with a few other Dad's to shop for shoes (that should be interesting as Stephen is not a clothes shopper :-), pure milk and noodles.

Jack and I are having fun getting to know each other at the hotel.  If you ask him for a kiss, he puckers his little mouth right up.  I love this boy!

Megan, I can't wait for you to meet Jack.  You are going to love him and he is going to love you.  I think the only thing you might fight over is the computer, because he seems to love it as much as you :-)

Thanks to everyone for their prayers today and in the days leading up to it.  We believe God has not only fixed Jack's physical heart, but emotionally he appears to be accepting us.
Real guys are not afraid to wear pink :-)


  1. Dear Stephen, Jennifer, Megan and Jack, It is with tears streaming down my face that I read your post this morning! Thanks so much for the video clip and pictures you e-mailed, and for calling us from China on your gotcha day! So special that you thought of us...What a precious, precious little boy! He is beautiful and I can't wait until you are all home again so I can meet him in person. If he is that inquisitive on his first day with you, I think you might have a little Alex on your hands :-) Love all 4 of you! Cory, Beth, Zach and Alex

  2. Dear Stephen, Jennifer, Megan and Jack,
    What a beautiful little boy the Lord has blessed you with, we can't wait to meet Jack and get to know him!! Thank you very much for the beautiful pictures,and also your text last night. Just looking at the pictures makes the joyful tears flow, Jack is so cute. Trust the rest of your time in China will go well. Missing you as we rejoice with you, Love John and Grace

  3. Jennifer... just caught up with your blog now. So fascinating, following each part of your journey and then reading all about Gotcha Day! What an adorable little boy the Lord has chosen for you. Kissing Megan's picture.. how sweet is that! Trust the rest of your trip goes quickly for you and you will be reunited as a foursome very soon! Praying for you all. Susanne

  4. He looks so happy and so do you. He's been loved and cared for so well.
    We have a great God, to Him be all the glory.

  5. Such a gorgeous wee man! You can just see the life in those eyes. Yes, I reckon he will be well able for Miss Megan and she will love him to bits. God is good. Love Auntie Cheryl :)

  6. So glad to see the photos and especially to know Jack came to you both so well. I think I will sleep more relaxed tonight! Still praying for the rest of your journey and safe trip home. Love, mum

  7. Jack is beautiful, he has become part of a very loving family, and has already entered all our hearts, hope u have a great journey back home with ur new son, god bless u xxx Barbara x

  8. Congratulations! So happy for you and your sweet little Jack.