Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Be prepared...

...for all eventualities!

If we get constipated, we'll take the laxative.  If the laxative gives us diarrhea, we'll take the Imodium,  If the... :-)

We wrapped a little (inexpensive) gift for Megan to open each day until we get back.  You can see the countdown chain she made.  When all the links are gone, it will be time to meet us at the airport.

Jack's case is packed.  That was so much fun, even though we're not sure what size of clothes will fit.  

Just finishing up our case.  The medications alone will probably take up half  of it :-)  Oh, and a few things like instant coffee, some candy, some cereal.

Stephen's parents should be boarding soon to fly here.  We pray for a safe and comfortable flight for them.  We'll have a few hours together before we head off. 


  1. Wish I was packing too to join you!! Great idea to give Megan such a fun way to make the time go quicker. Can't wait to see the first posts coming in once you are en route :) CT x

  2. Wish you were HELPING with the packing :-) Last night was a late night but I think we've got in all under control. With relatives arriving tody and KBH prize night tonight, we knew the bulk of it has to be done last night. Talk to you tomorrow - probably from the airport.

  3. Looks like you do have it all under control. Now sit down for one moment, take a DEEP breath, and listen to some sage advice my dear dad always gave me -- they DO have stores over there! Now go and please give Miss Megan a message from Jill -- "I'm jealous you're getting a little brother, I have been wanting one too." Say "Hi" to Stephen's parents for us and hugs and kisses to all. The unknown and waiting phase of your journey is complete; now look forward with anticipation to the next to last leg of your journey - getting to meet Jack for the first time, and the final leg - bringing him back to the States and his forever family. God's blessings to all of you - Love, Craig, Joan and Jill B.

  4. Love the chain idea that's awesome! EEEEK so close!!

  5. Oh I love the present and chain idea for Megan, that'll make her feel so special! :)